Estate Planning with Segregated Funds

3 Reasons to Protect Your Estate with Segregated Funds

1. Guaranteed 5% Estate Savings

Legal, estate administration and probate may significantly erode the value of an estate, diminishing the amount of money beneficiaries receive. When a beneficiary other than the estate is named, the proceeds of the contract bypass the estate, and are paid directly to the beneficiary, helping to eliminate some of the charges and challenges.


As demonstrated below, the ability to bypass the estate can provide real benefits and help protect the value of an estate.

  Typical Investment Fund ($) Creditor Protected Segregated Fund(s)
Original Investment 200,000 200,000
Legal, estate administration and probate fees (5%) -10,000 BYPASSED – Zero Charges
Net Proceeds 190,000 200,000

For illustration purposes only. Costs can vary depending on the complexity of the estate and the length of time the assets were held in the investment. Assumes a total of 5% of proceeds for legal, estate administration and probate fees.

2. Private, Confidential & Protected

At death, the proceeds of the Segregated Funds have the ability to pass quickly and privately to designated beneficiaries (other than an estate), without legal, estate administration and probate fees. The creditor protected segregated funds ensure that no delay or challenged can hinder the transfer to your designated beneficiaries.

3. Quick, Easy & Certainty

The very emotional process of settling an estate can be lengthy, frequently taking months or even years. Ensuring the smooth transfer of investment proceeds to beneficiaries can be a challenge. A well-structured portfolio with Segregated Funds is typically settled in 7-10 days.

Other Services

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